Mahila Arogya Samitis will function as empowered groups of women that will enable the urban poor communities to access their health entitlements under the various government schemes. Each MAS will consist of 10-12 women from about 50-100 households with an elected chairperson, treasurer and will be supported by the ASHA. MAS will serve as catalysts for behaviour change in communities in their area for practising healthy behaviours and accessing preventive, promotive and curative health services. They will also advocate with the government system for accessible and quality health care for urban poor. Capacity of existing community based institutions will be built to evolve to MAS and if needed new MAS can be set up.

The state will orient and train MAS in priority cities and will provide an annual untied grant of Rs.5000 to each MAS for mobilization, sanitation and hygiene and emergency health care needs. This will serve as seed money for a revolving fund to be managed by the MAS. The MAS will work closely with the ASHA in the area and serve to improve the health indicators in their area.
Source: PIP
Designed and Initiated by the : Urban Health Initiative