Out Reach Camp

Special Outreach Camps will be planned with two main objectives
  1. Reach out to vulnerable populations/ slums that are may not access services at UPHCs or UHNDs such as the homeless, rag pickers, street children, rickshaw pullers, constructions, brick and lime kiln workers, sex workers and other temporary migrants with health services that are responsive to their special health needs.
  2. Provide more specialised health care services closer to the community for specific preventive and promotive care based on epidemiological and population needs. Some examples of such activities include:
    • Chronic Lung diseases in factories
    • Skin cancer screening in industries where there is exposure to carcinogenic agents
    • Screening and treatment for RTIs and STIs among sex workers
    • Screening and referral for cataract among the elderly
    • Screening and referral for TB among high risk populations
    • Screening and treatment for vector borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, Japanese Encephalitis, Acute Encephalitic Syndrome in and after the monsoons
A panel of specialists comprising of various specialists such as gynaecologists, paediatricians, general physicians, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, chest physicians, epidemiological and occupational diseases will be developed at the city level. As per the need required specialists will be engaged for outreach camps.

The human resource and supplies will be provided for special outreach camps based on the objective and the target population planned to be served. The ANM will take lead in overall organization of the special outreach camps in her area with support from the Urban Health Coordinator. Specialists from the specialists panel created at the city level will be used for these outreach camps and additional specialists may be hired if needed. Reports for these special outreach camps will be compiled as part of the UPHC performance and reported.
Source: PIP
Designed and Initiated by the : Urban Health Initiative