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Developing a Model to Deliver Sustainable Maternal Health and Family Planning Services on Scale Anywhere

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World Health Partners (WHP) is a non-profit Indian Society focused on delivering essential health and reproductive health services to rural communities at scale in the states of India. The organization is focused on the ‘here and now’—while continuous efforts must be made by health planners to deliver the best quality of care to these communities over a period of time, WHP addresses their immediate needs by streamlining to already existing resources into a viable service delivery channel. The services WHP delivers are a vast improvement on what is currently available but provide the scope for constant improvement. WHP’s operational strategy is to set up strong metrics within its program that will enable it to constantly improve the outputs to achieve these higher standards.

WHP UP Program

In Uttar Pradesh, for instance, ANMs from the public sector are officially allowed in five of the poorest districts to offer gynecological and IUD services to rural women at WHP networked rural centres. The ANMs are able to consult with a city based doctor to treat gynecological morbidities which are rampant in rural areas, particularly among the poor. WHP has also offered its electronic metrics system to facilitate better management and technology solutions to the public sector.

The collaboration between the rural providers and the public sector ANMs in UP has produced dramatic results by combining the people skills of the private sector with the technical skills of the public sector. This year, for instance, WHP’s centers have delivered more than 80,000 IUDs over two years of project span. The contraceptive prevalence rate is expected to increase by 3 percentage points through WHP’s contribution. The contribution by other methods is additional.

Currently WHP is implementing maternal health project in three central districts – Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur Dehat and Kannauj as “Matrika project”. WHP leverage existing AYUSH/Paramedic providers to use technology for consultation with specialist doctors for pregnant women during Ante Natal Care check-up along with strip based pregnancy test, anemia test, urine protein or blood sugar test etc. the technology store each consultation records on cloud. As part of govt. support, WHP receive iron and folic acid tablets from the district authorities and distributing among pregnant women. In the first phase of this project WHP registered more than 90,000 pregnant women, identified clients with high risk and refer to public sector for further treatment.

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