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Uttar Pradesh has been working towards strengthening its health systems through various initiatives since the beginning of the National Health Mission (NHM). The State has been making continuous efforts the health objectives set out for it and a multi-pronged strategy has been adopted.

Capacity building for professional development of existing doctors in collaboration with leading institutions of the country has been an integral part for strengthening human resources.

Infrastructure has been considerably strengthened with up gradation of district hospitals, CHCs. The State has made efforts to construct buildings in a phased manner for all the Sub Centers in the state.

The State is also trying to provide comprehensive health services to the community residing in remote areas which are difficult to reach through mobile medical units (MMU) and outreach camps. To provide referral transport facility to pregnant mothers, sick children, accidental cases and other emergency cases, the State has made a provision of Emergency Response Ambulances.

A fundamental requirement of any quality program is well developed Information System to ensure monitoring and evaluation of key indicators, and to provide information critical to program planning. The State is making special efforts in implementation of Mother Child Tracking System (MCTS), Health MIS (HMIS), Tally ERP, Hospital Information System (HIS) and Web based reporting system.

We are confident that the programmes and innovations included in NHM mandate will provide required support to the health services being given in the State so that the better health services can be delivered to the masses, especially to the rural poor.

We look forward for your suggestions, please send us your suggestions and feedback through the website of NHM, UP.

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