Save the children

Brief Profile

Save the Children is the leading, independent child rights organization that works in India and in over 120 countries around the world. With a ‘Whatever it Takes’ approach, and through our innovative projects designed to meet the needs of India’s most marginalized children, we were able to touch the lives of more than 9.45 lakh children across 18 states and 89 districts. What has kept us going through the years is our set of values and of course the relentless support from our donors, partners and supporters. Imbibing Accountability, Ambition, Collaboration, Creativity and Integrity in our work, we give the most marginalized children in India what they rightfully deserve – a healthy and happy childhood.

Area of Specialization

Save the Children works on strengthening key areas of health and nutrition, inclusive education, child protection, child poverty and humanitarian response & disaster risk reduction.

Sanctioned Projects in UP

  1. “Stop Diarrhea Initiative on reducing diarreheal deaths amongst children under 6 years of age
  2. CS 28 on “Management of neo natal asphyxia”.
  3. Child Centered disaster Risk Reduction and School Safety Project.
  4. Flood relief response.
  5. Speak UP – say no to violence against women and children.

District(s) in UP where organization is working at the moment

Six Districts - Bahraich, Sravasti, Balrampur, Pilibhit, Gonda, Aligarh.

URL/Website of Organization :

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