Routine Immunization Programme

  1. State Level Task Force for Strengthening RI -

    • The State has an established Task Force under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, Medical, Health & Family Welfare, Govt. UP.
    • This task force meets once every quarter to review the RI program.
    • Besides different wing representatives of Health & Family Welfare Dept., the members include Secretaries of other Departments, such as, ICDS, Panchayati Raj, Education, Urban development authorities, representatives of NPSP(WHO), UNICEF, CARE, Rotary, SIFPSA, IMA, IAP others.
  2. Core Group

    • Core group at State level under the chairmanship of Director General (National Program, Monitoring & Evaluation) provides technical support as well as monitors the progress made on a regular basis.
    • The members of the Core group include Director (FW), AD UIP, AD MCH, AD IEC, AD RCH, CCO, Partner agencies - UNICEF and NPSP (WHO).
    • The Core group meets every month to discuss and review the implementation strategies, monitoring results and suggest new strategies for improvement.
  3. RI Monitoring

    • Monitoring of RI sessions is taking place for the last 3 years by Govt, UNICEF and NPSP.
    • This is further being strengthened through intensive efforts by Government and partner agencies.
    • At present the State is monitoring RI sessions on a standardized RI monitoring format, which is in the process of revision & developed by the State with assistance from UNICEF & NPSP.
    • The compilation of data for each district is being done by NPSP district SMO units and being forwarded to the NPSP (WHO) State RI Cell for analysis and corrective actions.
  4. Funds and Norms for distribution to Districts under RCH II

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