1. NDD IEC Material
    2. Advertisement of State Program Manager Position under NHM, UP.
    3. Recruitment for 1,100+ Contractual Vacancies under NHM UP
    4. Offer letter for Paramedical positions under MCH Wing for 21 Districts
    5. Press release regarding cancellation of written examination held on 09.09.2018 for contractual positions under NHM, UP
    6. Recruitment of 10,000+ contractual vacancies under NHM, UP
    1. Office order regarding AYUSH Doctor Honorarium discrepancy.

    1. District Performance Ranking (April 2018 to September 2018)

    2. Recruitment of Specialists under MCH Wing, NHM, UP.
    3. Call for Application for 6-Month Bridge Program (Certificate) in Community Health under NHM, UP.
    4. Result of Microbiologist Position under AES/JE Program of NHM, UP.
    5. Recruitment of 1350+ contractual vacancies of Paramedical Positions under MCH Wing with Corrigendum.
    1. District Ranking- April to June 2018

    1. District Ranking- April to June 2018

    1. HMIS / UPHMIS G.O.
    2. Rest 3000+ vacancies of NHM, UP live on 18.06.2018
    3. Letter reg Committed budget for district Faizabad under NLEP
    4. Online Application for Walk-in interviews of Doctors and Specialists
    5. 3000+ Contractual vacancies under NHM, UP
    6. Announcement of Personal Interview Result - Phase-I for NHM-UP 800+ Position”
    7. URGENT REQUIREMENT of Specialist Doctors under National Health Mission, U.P.
    8. Urgent Requirement of 66 Specialist Paediatricians under NHM,UP for Multiple Service Locations.
    9. Ranking presentation December 2017
    10. Rank all Indicator 19th Jan 2018 to share
    11. HMIS bulletin - Dec 2017 as on 19 Jan 2018
    12. HMIS bulletin Nov 2017 as on 15 Dec 2017
    13. Regarding operationalization of Health and Wellness Cneter (Aarogya Kendra) in district Shrwasti.
    14. Ayush HR rational deployment
    15. Bidding Link For Specialists
    17. Regarding Release of Honorarium of Medical officers under Mainstreaming of AYUSH for the period of April 17 to July 17
    18. Janasunavae Portal for NCD.
    19. Fund release latter FY 2017-18 under NIDDCP.
    1. Release of Honorarium of outsourced staff at Panchkarma Unit in LBRN Combined Hospital Lucknow

    1. Regarding AYUSH Wing construction Budget release for District Allhabad

    1. Online application for Walk-in interviews for doctors
    2. fund release letter for Cleaning washing House keeping and laundry services in DH/CHCs
    3. Reappointment portal – Online application for Reappointment
    4. Apply Online For Recruitment Nurses/ANM/ Lab technician etc....
    5. Thalassemia patient Data
    6. Honorarium of contractual AYUSH Doctor and Pharmacist under Mainstreaming of AYUSH
    7. Regarding additional salary budget for F.Y. 2016-17 under National Mental Health programme
    8. Regarding Emergency-Night duty of contractual Ayush doctors
    9. NFHS-4 (FY 2015-16) and NFHS-3 (FY 2005-06) Comparative Analysis
    1. Indicators NFHS-4 (2015-16) Population and Household Profile Urban Rural Total
    1. Regarding IVth release under NPCDCS
    2. Fund-released-NLEP
    1. Minutes of meetings of Pre- Service Education and Nurse Mentor

    1. Regarding 2 month (February 2017 to March 2017) honorarium of Contractual AYUSH Doctors & Pharmacists for the year 2016-17

    2. Letter regarding budget released for PLHIV under FMR code B.14.25
    3. Regaarding Nomination of AMD as First Appeal Officer for RTI
    4. IDSP 3rd released budget
    6. Selected list of NGO under NTCP

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